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About Us

Yorgey's Fine Cleaning was founded in 1927. With a great deal of hard work, innovation and dedication, Yorgey's built a reputation for quality cleaning and service in Lancaster County.

In 1929 another fine dry cleaning business, Filling Cleaners Quality Fabric Care was born here in Lancaster. Filling Cleaners grew to success though attention to detail and a professional understanding of fine clothing and fashion. Yorgey's and Filling's were friendly competitors, both serving the great people of Lancaster County for many years.

In 1998, Yorgey's Fine Cleaning and Filling Cleaners, noting many similarities in their goals for the future and customer first philosophies, merged their two companies to form Yorgey's & Filling's Fine Cleaning. Since the merger, Yorgey's & Filling's Fine cleaning has won every "Best" or "Favorite" Dry Cleaner survey in the area, including The Lancaster County Magazine, The Senior News and the Lancaster Newspaper's Readers Choice Award.

In 2014 Yorgey's and Fillings Fine Dry Cleaning have simplified their name to Yorgey's Fine Dry Cleaning and offers high quality dry cleaning and laundry services at 6 locations as well as a free pickup and delivery service to any home or business in the county. Yorgey's has developed many new cleaning and finishing methods to ensure that your valuable garments are returned to you feeling and looking their best. Our environmentally engineered dry cleaning process has achieved a reduction of over 95% in the amount of cleaning solvent we use each year. Recycling and conservation is one of our core principles. Please join us in our campaign to recycle as many hangers as possible. Ask for your free hanger caddy at a store near you. We welcome you to join the large number of satisfied customers that have made Yorgey's Fine Dry Cleaning the area's top dry cleaner. Hope to see you soon!

Yorgey's Fine Dry Cleaning has been voted "Best" or "Favorite" Dry Cleaner in Lancaster by every major survey since each survey began.

Voted Best in Lancaster County - Lancaster Magazine

Voted Favorite Drycleaner - Lancaster Newspaper Reader's Choice Awards